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The U.S. government shutdown causes privacy problems

In U.S. government shutdown, your privacy takes a hit

3 min read
Now well into its third week, the U.S. government shutdown has officially become the longest in history. More than...
2019 written above the ExpressVPN scholarship logo.

The 2019 ExpressVPN Scholarship is now accepting entries

1 min read
We are excited to announce that the fourth Future of Privacy Scholarship is now open for applications. Our essay topic...
Three information icons linked to eachother.

ExpressVPN survey: Americans doubt they’ll get more power over their data

2 min read
The vast majority of Americans want more control over who shares their personal data but are not confident that...
An Australian flag sits atop a series of alphanumeric digits.

Here’s why Australia’s cybersecurity bill is a terrible idea

2 min read
Despite international protest, Australia has passed a new bill that essentially outlaws encryption technology, making its population of 25...

Cloudy skies ahead: LA is suing the Weather Channel for selling...

3 min read
The city of LA is suing the Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM, for secretly mining and selling user...
An illustration of a man walking with a phone as data spills onto the floor.

4 Ways you can be identified through social media

2 min read
On social media, it is easy to forget who can see our posts. A pseudonym can protect us from...
The words "Best of the Blog 2018" on a soothing green background.

The 9 best ExpressVPN blogs of 2018

1 min read
2018 was a bumper year for ExpressVPN! Here's the best of 2018 from the best VPN blog in town: 1....’s People’s Choice: Vote quick to win a year’s VPN

1 min read
After winning’s Best Overall and Best Speed awards last year, ExpressVPN is in the running for this year’s...

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in many forms. A physical private network is usually any network in which computer...
Supreme Court building overflowing with data

4 ways to back up your data securely

5 min read
Photos, documents, saved video games, and old emails: We accumulate a lot of data throughout our lives. And just...

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