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A browser with an HTTPS green lock. VPN is written in the search bar.

Why HTTPS vs. VPN makes no sense

1 min read
HTTPS vs. VPN is a battle that makes very little sense. Both are important means of internet protection, and...
A security camera stamped with the U.S. flag.

8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

3 min read
Five years on from the revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) collects personal data on every American—and...
The new ExpressVPN blog logo

ExpressVPN’s new-look blog!

1 min read
Regular readers may notice that we launched a fancy new blog earlier in the week. We hope it’s a more...
A chain link with a label saying "+ tax"

EU approves “link tax” and “censorship machines” for a final vote

2 min read
On Wednesday, the European Union approved its controversial Copyright Directive for a final vote in January 2019. If passed,...
California flag above a red equal sign

California passes “the strongest net neutrality standards in the nation”

1 min read
California has just passed net neutrality regulations into state law after bill SB-822 passed both the State Assembly and...
Southwest Airlines logo flying high in the sky! Bypass "Access Denied" and book Southwest flights overseas with a VPN.

Access granted: How to use Southwest Airlines overseas

3 min read
If you’re reading this, chances are you already know a thing or two about VPNs. Maybe you’ve even used...
The Facebook Messenger logo with a red dot to indicate a new message has arrived. But there's a twist! The red do features an encryption key.

Facebook finally stands up for privacy as the U.S. government demands...

2 min read
The U.S. Department of Justice wants Facebook to break the end-to-end encryption of its Messenger chat app so the...

Review ExpressVPN for a chance to win 12 months of free...

1 min read
Entering is simple: All you need to do is leave a review at, then submit your email below. The...
A mobile phone with apps that have dollar signs on them

Uganda is now taxing its citizens for access to social media

3 min read
As of July 1, Ugandans no longer have free access to social media platforms, having to pay a daily...
A padlock with a Wi-Fi symbol.

Wi-Fi security: How to stay safe while connected

3 min read
Wireless security has two components: Authentication and secrecy. And, in theory, responsibility for network security lies with both operators...