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Secure your internet

Top 10 tips for strong internet security

Check out the top ten tips for better internet security. A combination of software and common sense will help you ensure that you and your family can have a safe and secure internet experience.

Email security: What is it, and how do you improve it?

How do you improve your email security?

Why a VPN app is always better than a VPN plugin

VPN plugins and browsers are easy to download and often free. But why are VPN apps still the superior option for privacy and security? Find out here.

How to defend against online stalkers and doxing

Online stalking, doxing, and cyber-bullying have increased alongside the growth of the internet. But there are ways to protect yourself and your family.

3 ways to help protect your browsing history from ISPs

Don’t let your ISP access or sell your personal data. Here are three things you can do to safeguard your privacy.

How do public keys and private keys work?

Secure socket layers? Data encryption? Public and private keys? What do they all mean? Find out here.

How does a firewall work?

Ever wondered how firewalls work? Find out in this handy primer.

How to set up your firewall

Want more control over your internet connection? Here’s how to configure your own firewall.

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Malware, adware, and spyware

What is malware?

Read about the different kinds of threats to your computer and data.

What is adware?

Learn what adware is and how it affects you and your computer.

What is spyware?

Learn what spyware is and how it affects you and your computer.

Tips on removing adware

Accidentally downloaded some malware? Here’s how to remove it.

How a keylogger steals your private information

Learn about how keyloggers steal your information.

How to protect against keyloggers

Protect yourself from keylogger attacks!

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The Best Free Antivirus Software Packages

Let’s take a look at the best FREE antivirus software for Mac and PC, including pros and cons for each so you can choose responsibly.

How a security hole can get you hacked

Find out how a security hole can get you hacked.

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VPN protection

What is a trusted delivery network, and how does one work?

Learn about trusted delivery networks.

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How to keep multiple identities separate and how they might be exposed

Separating your online identities is good privacy practice, but they can be hard to keep. See how to protect your online pseudonym from attackers.

What is off-the-record messaging (OTR)?

How does OTR help you stay anonymous? Find out in this comprehensive guide to OTR.

How to safely store things in the Cloud

Here’s a guide to the best and most secure online storage services.

Putting the ‘Pretty Good’ in PGP

An in-depth look at the trusted and tested encryption program.

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Important tools for setting up a company

Read this quick and no-fuss guide on setting up your own company.

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Mobile Safety Tips

Illustration of a happy man using a mobile phone.

Mobile safety tips

Your smartphone is your lifeline, so be sure to protect everything on it with these mobile safety tips.

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